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Haiti Renewal Alliance
about us

Who we are

OneDiaspora is a Haiti Renewal Alliance (HRA) project

OneDiaspora Coalition is a dynamic community-based platform for increasing Haitian diaspora coordination in preparedness, response & recovery into sustainable development.

Creating a table of our own

Our Vision and Mission

HRA in partnership with IOM and with funding from USAID’s Bureau of Humanitarian Assistance (BHA) developed the Framework for Diaspora Engagement in Humanitarian Assistance to streamline coordination among diaspora and institutional humanitarian Actors for more effective humanitarian assistance to affected communities. This Framework was piloted in the Haitian Diaspora where tools, such as the platform, were created to support communication and coordination activities of the Haitian Diaspora.


Creating a table of our own for sustainable communities


Building stronger coordination within  diasporas for effective humaniarian response and  long term development 

meet the team

OneDiaspora Team

The Haitian Diaspora continues their active engagement and focus on creating innovative sustainable paths for community based development models. Traditional fundraising in a post-COVID-19 world is no longer attainable. The platform encourages collective action to convene and connect Haitian organizations and leverage resources to support one another & organizational development for joint ventures for project funding.

Maybelle Jadotte Clairvil

Maybelle Jadotte Clairvil



Firmin Backer

President, HRA – Project Director


Dr. Magalie Emile-Backer

VP HRA, Technical Lead


Felina Backer

Education Cluster Lead


Georgemay Figaro

Shelter Cluster Lead

Marc fred

Marc Fred Saint Sauveur

Logistic Cluster Lead

HDERU Clusters/Diaspora Sector based Clusters

Create a national diaspora framework for the Haitian diaspora, and protocol for improved preparedness and response

Diaspora Shelter Cluster

Provide a concrete contribution to the process of strengthening and mainstreaming diaspora's engagement in shelter response.

Diaspora Health Cluster

Develop a comprehensive package of health services while reinforcing the existing health system in Haiti.

Diaspora Education Cluster

Made up of dedicated, committed, innovative and caring leaders whose sole purpose is to enhance the lives of Haitian youth in the impoverish areas of Haiti.

Diaspora Logistics Cluster

Coordination of both local and intl transport of people, supplies and serve to facilitate operations during emergent and routine humanitarian and development activities.

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