About Us

OneDiaspora Coalition is a dynamic community-based platform for increasing Diaspora
Coordination in Preparedness, Response & Recovery. Through regional partnerships,
diaspora support humanitarian assistance, and a global cluster system approach, we
coordinate key humanitarian actors and response by leveraging human and financial
resources during disasters in Haiti. Its Haitian Diaspora Emergency Response Unit
(HDERU), when activated, operates as a disaster management platform leveraging local,
national, and international stakeholders to operate across the diaspora for a coordinated
humanitarian response.

Our aim is to build on decades of work on diaspora engagement under the platform dubbed HDERU (Haitian Diaspora Emergency Response Unit) to form a stronger coordination within the diasporas and with other humanitarian actors to enhance all aspects of humanitarian response, preparedness and recovery in Haiti. As we expand our knowledge and network in humanitarian affairs provided by diaspora organizations and other humanitarian actors, we’ll ultimately increase the reach, the efficiency and effectiveness of emergency response.

 - HDERU Chair, Rodolph Guillaume, Founder of Haiti Healthcare Aid, Inc.
- Education Cluster Lead, Felina Backer, Founder of MIPO, Inc.
- Health Cluster Lead, Marie D. Fouche, MPH, MD
- Shelter Cluster Lead, Georgemay Figaro
- Logistics Cluster Lead, Marc St Sauveur, LMS Specialist

Diaspora engagement plays a critical role in humanitarian assistance and development. As seen during numerous man-made and natural disasters, diasporas are able to leverage their financial contributions, community connections, skills, cultural competency and local area knowledge to quickly address needs on the ground in their communities of origin.

OneDiaspora hopes to serve as a model for a community platform which fosters deeper coordination, communication and cooperation between diaspora organizations and with institutional humanitarian actors, like international and national NGOs, UN agencies and governments.

We believe that coordination under the HDERU platform and leveraging existing HRA transnational networks and partnerships address gaps in humanitarian assistance, financial contributions, network-building, technical skills and local area knowledge.  The platform hosts various operational tools, and resources for use by diasporas and institutional actors across sectors to quickly address needs on the ground in communities of origin.