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Moderna Contributions for Haiti Relief

: It is with pleasure that Haiti Renewal Alliance (HRA) presents $330,000.00 diaspora
grants to 6 Haitian Diaspora Organizations committed to changing the lives of the people of Haiti. As part of HRA’s Corporate Donor Engagement & Pledge strategy, Moderna, Inc., a biotechnology company pioneering mRNA therapeutics and vaccines, has granted $330,000 toward the 2021 Haiti Earthquake Relief and Recovery Activities. The purpose of this grant is to enable HRA’s ONEDIASPORA community of charitable organizations to deliver humanitarian assistance and development projects across three sectors (education, health, and shelter) in the affected areas. HRA was designated the facilitator of this Moderna contribution for empowering nontraditional actors under the ONEDIASPORA theme “Build Back Better with Different Players” in a bold attempt to shift the paradigm of donors and to address inequities in the field of international development. The guiding principles of ONEDIASPORA are to advocate, coordinate, and empower direct funding to diasporas and local organizations working to change their lives

HRA ONEDIASPORA Coalition maximizes a stronger connection to fund Haiti’s local organizations

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