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Haiti Renewal Alliance via OneDiaspora.Org Activates Emergency Response Unit for Haiti Earthquake 2021

Haiti Renewal Alliance (HRA) activated it’s Haitian Diaspora Emergency Response Unit (HDERU) shortly after the August 14, 2021, 7.2 magnitude earthquake that devastated the Southwest Region of Haiti. Diaspora organizations are invited to register at to streamline the relief efforts. HRA pledges $50,000 towards it’s $3M Earthquake fund goals and encourages friends of Haiti to donate, and pledge towards these relief, recovery and sustainability efforts.

“HDERU Framework: Features of Haitian Diaspora Emergency Response Unit (HDERU)”

Support of the Haitian Diaspora Emergency Response Unit (HDERU) via the registry will allow for fast payments to trusted vendors, local organizations, and partners supporting these grassroots efforts. HDERU also maximizes stronger connections to fund Haiti’s private sector, mainly small-medium enterprises, to ensure the local economy is not disrupted.hey turn to growth tactics like optimizing their on-boarding funnel, SEO or push notifications before really understanding what they are building and who they are building for. This may create an initial burst of short-term growth.

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